Big Spring State Park Walk was Adventureous

The Walkabouters had a really good time on their Saturday, August 11th walk at the Big Spring State Park!

It was reported that a large skunk crossed in front of the group, and passed along peacefully under the road, culvert or something!   At one time, Big Spring residents, Ray and Donna Stevenson, had even saw a deer.

Even though there was a high chance of rain & precipitation the day of the walk, no rain coats and umbrellas were needed.  Sammy said that if members had neglected their rain gear, then they would have probably been dumped on.

Members decided to do the 5K during this walk.   Afterwards, the Stevenson’s had other obligations, but the rest of the members ate at the Hotel Settles.   This was a special treat for Diana, since it was her first time to do this walk and see the hotel.

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Walkers were:  Sammy Hunnicutt, Gary & Carolyn Petersen, Rhonda Patterson, Ken Rust, Bonnie Resley, Diana Smart and Ray & Donna Stevenson.


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8/11/18 – Walkabouters going to Big Spring State Park

Come to our August Walkabout’s walk.   This month we will be going to the Big Spring State ParkBig Spring State Park

Our trek will take place at the Big Spring State Park on Saturday, August 11th.

We plan on meeting behind the Jumburrito (south of the Midland Park Mall) at 6:00 a.m. for carpool or caravan.

If you prefer, you can meet the group at the bottom parking area, just off of Highway 700, around 6:45 or 7:00 a.m.

Please bring water,  a hat or visor, & sunscreen.    Also bring the normal $3.00 walking fee and your Volkssporting book so it can be stamped and the walk credited!

After the walk, the group will probably eat brunch at Hotel Settles  or wherever the group decides. seeyathere


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8/6/18 – August Walkabout Monthly Meeting

– Midland Walkabout Monthly Meeting –
Next meeeting

When:      Monday, August 6th
Time:        6:00 p.m.
Where:     Murray’s Restaurant & Deli
3211 Wadley —- (in the meeting room)


Minutes from 7/2/18 Meeting


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8/4/18 – Wellness Tour Walkers

In celebrating the 2018 Midland Wellness Tour, we had 5 members and 3 guests who participated in the Wellness Tour – Racquet Club walk.

Brochures and business cards were available for our guests, and everyone did a great job completing 10K…!!!  Way to go!

Wellness Tour WalkersLeft to Right:  Kenneth, Crystal, Maria, Candace, Diana, Gary, Eve.  Not pictured: Carolyn

Wellness Tour

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8/4/18 – Wellness Tour Participation

The Midland Walkabouters will be participating in this year’s 7-31-18 Wellness Tour, which runs July 31st – August 4th.   Members have decided that they would participate by walking the Racquet Club Walk on Saturday, August 4th.   We will meet at 7:00 a.m. at Midland College, across the street from the Dollye Neal Chapel.

This is a 10K walk, but there will be a turn-around point for folks who desire a 5K walk.  The walk is free for guests.

You can visit the website for a full schedule of events.


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For the extra walk this month, there were several members who were able to meet and spend time together at the UTPB path on 7/28/18.

Walkers were Candace Warncke, Bonnie Resley, Diana Smart, Sammy Hunnicutt, Alex Rose, Gary & Carolyn Petersen.


The walkers stopped to read a plaque about the Stonehenge replica.



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7/28/18 – Extra Walk Planned at UTPB

SurpriseAn extra walk is being planned this Saturday, July 28, at UTPB.  Members will be meeting behind the Midland Mall Jumburrito at 7:00 a.m., for a carpool/caravan.   Or, if you prefer, you can meet us at the parking area at the beginning of the trail off of University Blvd. around 7:25 a.m.


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7/14/18 – Midland Park Mall Get Together & Walk

hot weatherSince July is normally such a hot month,
we will be walking
at the Midland Park Mall,
where it will be nice and cool inside!

Come and join us
on Saturday, July 14th, at 7:00 am.

What it lacks in scenery is more than compensated by the great friends and conversation.

So please join us and bring $3.00, and your record booklets to be stamped.  This is AVA Event ID#: 109861 – 2018/#Y1825 – 10km/5k.

Friends and guests are always welcome.


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UTPB Walk – 7/4/18

A group of Midland Walkabouters got together on this holiday to walk in Odessa at UTPB.

Sammy, Read, Candace, and Alex walked the UTPB walk, and report they had a good walk, with lots of other walkers on the path, a coyote and lots of rabbits.     They even had breakfast at Jumburritos afterwards in Midland.    For future reference, it was suggested that the group meet earlier in the summer, 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m., due to the heat!

US Flag

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7/4/18 – Special Holiday Walk Planned

For anyone interest in joining us for an extra walk this month, a group will be gathering on Wednesday, July 4th, to walk in Odessa at UTPB.  

A group will meet at Jumburrito’s (behind Midland Park Mall) at 7:00 a.m. to caravan/car pool to Odessa.    The walk will begin around 7:30 a.m., so if you prefer, you can also meet the group at the parking area off of University Blvd, between the Presidential Museum and the Fire Station, 4919 E. University Blvd.


Independence Day

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