A Great Day at the Monahans Sandhills!

Thanks for the update from our President, Carolyn Petersen and Treasurer, Alex Rose, for results from the 1/4/14 Monahans Sandhills 5K-10K Run/Walk.

“Okay, those of you who chose to stay in bed missed it.   The walk/run was wonderful.   We could not have asked for nicer weather.   Carolyn Peterson, Carol Savas, and Alex Rose made a good choice to go along with more than a hundred other active souls.

We updated the walk box after the run/walk and came home with two medals.   Now who could ask for anything more.   We also are toying with the idea of having a special event at the sandhills in August.   We talked to the park rangers and the Chamber of Commerce people and they were delighted and will work with us. We will get our heads together and make a decision and then go from there.   Hope you all will join the band wagon and help with this special event.

Happy trails and see you soon in January.   One more note on the Monahans Sandhills Resolution Walk:

Carol Savas received a medal for her efforts in the 10K run, and
Alex Rose was honored for the 5K walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And also thanks to Alex for driving.

The Monahans Chamber of Commerce plans to do this event again next year, on the first Saturday of January 2015.

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