1/18/14 – Let’s meet & do the ‘Bush Walk!’

BushHomeWord’s going around that Alex is getting a group together for an in-town walk on — Saturday, January 18th to do the ‘Bush Walk.’

We’ll be meeting in the parking lot at Windlands Park at 8:30 a.m., so everyone come and bring those kids and pets!    Alex will be bringing the New Walker’s Packets, and there will be help for anyone who needs it, or if you’re just getting started Volkssporting!

The Walkabout’s walking box will also be available so everyone can get their Volkssport books stamped after the walk, so you can keep logging in those miles!


 If you want to let Alex know you’ll be there on Saturday 1/18,
and just in case the weather turns bad, 
fill-out the form below
or you can just show up!!!

Members at Bush House

Walkabout Members
Who Have Made This Walk Before!

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2 Responses to 1/18/14 – Let’s meet & do the ‘Bush Walk!’

  1. Ike Graves says:

    This was such a great day to walk the Bush Walk. Cathey and I enjoyed meeting everyone and the weather was perfect. I especially enjoyed the fellowship afterwards at the Harvest Cafe. Great times with some great new friends. ~ Ike and Cathey Graves

  2. Jack Rogers says:

    Try to be there. Jack

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