It’s cold…. let’s take a walk inside together!

The Walkabouts will be gathering for a nice, warm, indoor walk on Saturday morning – February 8th – at 8:00 a.m., at the Midland Park Mall.

This is our AVA Event ID#: 98322 – #Y1825 – so bring your Volkssport book so it can get stamped!

We’ll meet everyone at the Food Court and start the 5K or 10K journey.

MPMHope to see you there!
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1 Response to It’s cold…. let’s take a walk inside together!

  1. Alex Rose says:

    We got off to another good start this year. Thirteen loyal members including several new ones walked the nine long laps at the Mall this morning and came out in pretty good shape. One member, Norman G. was seen walking by himself as he was not able to walk a very long distance due to some medical problems. A former member, Bob C. was also at the mall and contributed a large bag full of cans for the Club to recycle!!! THANKS BOB!

    Our Vice-President, Gary P. has said he would take over the can duties from Jack so let’s have members continue to save cans and bring them to the walks. After the walk, we went to the Harvest Cafe and more or less staggered in and sat for a good bit. I, for one, came home and took a nap!

    Candy and water were provided for the walkers and that seemed to be welcomed.

    Comments by: Alex

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