2/22/14 – UTPB Walk in Odessa

Hello everyone,

This Saturday, Feb. 22nd, is our UTPB walk in Odessa!    Let’s meet at the starting point which is off of University Blvd. at 8:30 am.   We will have a short meeting at 8:30.

UTPBRides:     If you need a ride, or need to follow someone to UTPB, email the group and we will figure something out.     My car is very tiny, but I can fit in 3 more sardines maybe.

Directions:  (from Midland)

Go towards Odessa on Highway 191.  At the edge of Odessa, take the exit for 338.  Go straight a little bit, and then you will turn left onto 338 and go under the 191 overpass.  Continue south on 338.  After about a mile, turn right onto University Blvd. (there is a traffic light).  After about ¼ mile turn right into the UTPB parking lot.     This parking lot is just before the parking lot for the Presidential Museum.    If you go too far, it is okay to park in the Museum lot and just walk back to the other lot.UTPB Walks

The Walk:  I will bring a copy of the directions for the Walk, but old-time members probably have it memorized.

The Outer Loop around UTPB = 4.52 K.
The Inner Loop is 2.41 K.
The Nature Trail around the duck pond = 0.8 K.

The Meeting:

1.       March walks:   Where to walk on Saturday March 8?  Do we also want to plan a walk for March 22?
2.       TVA report from Susan Fine
3.       Treasurer’s report
4.       Minutes
5.       IVV World Walking Day in early May
6.       August 2, 2014 – TVA meeting and walk – updates
7.       Anything else?

See you Saturday!

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1 Response to 2/22/14 – UTPB Walk in Odessa

  1. Ike Graves says:

    We had a great time at UTPB walking their campus. Thanks to Carolyn for doing such a great job leading the group. This huge cactus plant was an art work along the trail. Ike Graves Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 02:31:23 +0000 To: i.graves@live.com

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