Members attended ‘Keep Midland Beautiful’ Luncheon

A special thanks to members who were able to attend the ‘Keep Midland Beautiful’ luncheon today!

Sam and Uta Sanchez and Gary and Carolyn Petersen represented the Midland Walkabouts at the KMB luncheon, and got to hear a speech made by the new 6Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales, and recognition that was given to about 10 groups or individuals who received various awards for their contributions to the organization.

The Midland Walkabout Club has been involved with the ‘Keep Midland Beautiful‘ organization ever since Jack Rogers, created our AVA Club back in 2001.   Our club volunteers to take part in community events such as picking up trash during their campaigns throughout the year, and we continually watch over our ‘adopted’ park at the Windlands Park to keep it looking good!   We’re looking forward to the next KMB campaign and continuing to do our part for our community.

Thanks Sam, Uta, Gary & Carolyn for representing us!

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