Semi-Annual Meeting of TVA and Walk A Success!

Our August 2nd walk and Semi-Annual Meeting held for the Texas Volkssport Association (TVA), is behind us now, and it is time to extend special thanks to all those Walkabouts who AVA Bannercontributed time, effort, money, and talent to the weekend’s events.  We worked hard on Friday morning getting the building set up and thinking through all the arrangements.  Four of us then went on a 6K worker’s walk – Joanne and Carlen Forinash, Jack Rogers, and Carolyn.  Jack, Carlen, and Joanne returned to the park that afternoon to set up stakes to clarify some confusing spots. The reception Friday night had a great turnout with lots of friendly people.  Everything went well; thank you to Bob Hicks for hosting.  Below are some of the pictures taken during the welcoming reception.  After the reception some people joined Joanne and Carlen for the Mall walk.

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Early Saturday morning started off with a bang at 6:00 a.m., when we set off the burglar alarm at the Junior League Building.  The Building manager arrived around 6:20, turned off the alarm, and said that it wasn’t our fault; someone had activated the alarm by mistake!  I don’t have the final figures, but I think there were 30+ walkers representing clubs in San Antonio, DFW area, Comfort, Austin, Abilene, and other cities.  Thank you to all the folks who helped man the two checkpoint tables and provided water and candy to the participants.  When some of the walkers finished the TVA walk, they immediately left to do another walk in the area.  That’s dedication.  We served Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drink for lunch, and then the TVA meeting began at 1 pm.  During the meeting Heinz Johnson was elected the new president of the TVA, and our own Susan Fine was elected Secretary.  Here are pictures taken during the Walkabout Walk and TVA Meeting.

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We finally vacated the building around 4 pm.  Several of us were there the entire 10 hours.  Thank you to those who labored the whole day, or even part of the day.  If we ever do such an event again, we will have a better idea how to handle the volunteer shifts, so it is not such a burden.  I apologize to all the folks who were overworked; we all deserve stars in our shoelaces for the huge efforts.

***Carolyn Petersen

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