Walkabouts Seeking 2015 Officers

The Midland Walkabout Club is seeking a slate of new officers for the 2015 calendar year.   Please let me know if you would like to nominate someone, or are willing to offer your own name for consideration.Volunteers Needed

Here are the duties as outlined in the By-Laws:

President:  A prominent and active individual who is interested in the club, its aims and objectives and will devote the necessary time and provide the leadership to run the club.  This person is the principal executive officer.  The president presides at the general membership meetings and meetings of the executive council, and insures a sound organization and effective overall club program.

Vice-President: An active club member who is well oriented in Volkssport activities.  This person assists the president, and presides in the absence of the president over the general membership meetings and the executive council meetings.

Secretary:  This person must have the time and ability to be at all meetings and needs to have computer skills.

  1. Keeps minutes of the meetings.
  2. Distributes minutes to the membership.
  3. Handles all outgoing correspondence such as thank you notes and get well cards, etc.
  4. Maintains a current list of members (addresses, phone numbers, and emails) and keeps the membership updated.

Treasurer:  An important and difficult position in the club which should be filled by an individual with an accounting/bookkeeping background.  The treasurer is responsible for:

  1. Receipt, disbursement, and safeguarding of all assets belonging to the club.
  2. Maintenance of necessary accounting records.
  3. Preparation and submission of financial statements to the general membership.
  4. Arranging for an audit of financial records at the end of each club year, or upon change of treasurer.
  5. Advising the president and the executive council on all financial matters.

Here are some of the By-Laws relating to Voting:

  • Only active members and honorary members may vote
  • Voting may be conducted by written ballot, verbal agreement, or show of hands.
  • Carriage of votes requires the approval of a simple majority of the general membership present, as long as there is a majority of active members present.

Thank you for giving serious consideration.

***Carolyn Petersen

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