2/21/15 – Keep Midland Beautiful

DWindlands Parkon’t forget Walkabouters, that we have a relationship with the ‘Keep Midland Beautiful‘ (KMB) campaign, and for many years, have accepted the Windlands Park as our designated project.   We always try and get together as a group, and pick up the trash at the park every three months.

Our next get-together, we will be at 8:00 a.m., this Saturday, February 21st, where we’ll walk the park and pick-up any trash in the area.    Jack Rogers will be bringing the trash bags, and will report to KMB on the number of bags that we are able to fill.

You might want to bring some gloves, and if you have one of those ‘trash grabber devices’ bring that too, as it really helps in not having to bend over so often!

Normally a group that will go and eat some breakfast once the park has been beautified again… so the more that show up, the faster it gets done!


A SPECIAL THANKS to Aileen Lands for volunteering to take care of the bulletin board at the Windlands Park.   She has graciously accepted the responsibility of taking care of the up-keep and also placing any announcements there!    Appreciate it Aileen!


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