8/12/17 – Big Spring State Park & Birthday Celebration

The Walkabouters had a great walk together and the event was even celebrated with a birthday get-together for our Midland Walkabout Founder, Jack Rogers.

It was Jack’s 87th birthday that day.   Jack, Alex, and Carolyn did the 5K, and the others did the 10K.   The 10K walkers were caught in a rain storm that wasn’t supposed to hit until later in the day.  They got completely soaked.

Afterwards the group met at Crispie’s Café for brunch.  We had to turn off the ceiling fan over our table because it was chilling the wet walkers!

The Saturday walkers were:   Sammy Hunnicutt; Alex Rose; Jack Rogers, Read Johnston, Gary & Carolyn Petersen, and guests Rhonda Patterson and Bonnie Resley.

Jack and Alex



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