Report on the 1/6/18 Monahans Resolution Walk

For the beginning of a New Year, members of the Midland Walkabout Club participated in the Annual Monahans Resolution Walk.   Thanks to fellow member, Read Johnston, who sent us the results and a little pic!

“Bonnie Resley, Ken Rust, Delores, Sammy Hunnicutt, Alex Rose, Read Johnston after their 5 or 10K Resolution Run at the State Park.   We all had fun and half of us won medals.   Weather was perfect.   It was hot enough that Read poured water on his head at each of the water stops.”

Monahans Walk 2018

Great Way to Start The New Year!

Way to go Walkabouters!


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2 Responses to Report on the 1/6/18 Monahans Resolution Walk

  1. lukeactual says:

    This is such a great idea! I spent a few years in Midland in the army 2000’s and can only imagine how fun your Resolution Walk was!

    I need to find a similar club in Albuquerque. Keep it up everyone!

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