Big Spring State Park Walk was Adventureous

The Walkabouters had a really good time on their Saturday, August 11th walk at the Big Spring State Park!

It was reported that a large skunk crossed in front of the group, and passed along peacefully under the road, culvert or something!   At one time, Big Spring residents, Ray and Donna Stevenson, had even saw a deer.

Even though there was a high chance of rain & precipitation the day of the walk, no rain coats and umbrellas were needed.  Sammy said that if members had neglected their rain gear, then they would have probably been dumped on.

Members decided to do the 5K during this walk.   Afterwards, the Stevenson’s had other obligations, but the rest of the members ate at the Hotel Settles.   This was a special treat for Diana, since it was her first time to do this walk and see the hotel.

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Walkers were:  Sammy Hunnicutt, Gary & Carolyn Petersen, Rhonda Patterson, Ken Rust, Bonnie Resley, Diana Smart and Ray & Donna Stevenson.


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