What is a Volkssport?

volkssportThe term ‘volkssport’ is German for ‘sport of the people.’  Volkssports are family-oriented, amateur athletic events.  They are casual, though well-organized adventures in health, recreation, fellowship and fun. Volkssports evolved from running races in Germany to having spread to over 200 active clubs in the United States and presenting more than 2,500 volkssporting events each year.

Participants come from the general public and EVERYONE is welcome. Pets are allowed at most outdoor events. The events are NOT TIMED – you walk at your own pace. You may have as much as eight hours to complete an event, depending on the course.

Most Volkssport events are VOLKSWALKS, which are walks of 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles. (With shorter options normally available.) Most Volkswalks are friendly to families with strollers, and wheelchairs as well. Other events include the popular bike rides, which are 25 kilometers or 15 miles. Swimming, snow skiing, and even kayaking and canoeing events complete the set of Volkssports. You are welcome to participate in any event for free!

All events are eligible for achievement awards for modest fee of $3.00. Other awards include beautiful pins and colorful patches. Frame-ready certificates are awarded for the distance you’ve covered as well as the number of events you’ve completed.

You are welcome to walk with our club anytime, and would love to have you join our club and participate in walk organization as you wish. You are equally welcome to enjoy our events at your leisure. You do NOT have to be a member of any of the clubs to join a walk! Just show up, sign up, and go on your way!