2/3/18 – Windlands Park Clean-Up

A special thanks to all of the members who helped clean up our ‘Keep Midland Beautiful – Adopted – Windlands Park.’    Those who participated in the litter control pickup on Saturday, 2/3/18 were:  Dorise Watson, Ken Rust, Carolyn & Gary Petersen, Uta & Sam Sanchez, Janice Courtney, Diana Smart and Read Johnston.

Alex also reported that she had updated the Windlands Park bulletin case by placing 2018 information about the Walkabout Club in the ‘Give-Away Box’ that is attached to the case.

We’re always looking for new members, so hopefully others walking and running in the Park, will stop and read the bulletin board, take a free brochure, and come to a meeting or attend a Walkabout event.

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